The Livin's Easy

The solstice is still over a week away, but the good ol' summertime is rapidly ramping up around here. We've attended graduations, seen three films on the epic scale (Caspian: OK, Indy: Good, Iron Man: teh w1nz0rz!!one!), celebrated birthdays, watered our lawn for the first time ever, and visited a favorite raspas stand. This week I'm driving out to Beaumont for one of Christina's Zeta events.

Actually, that understates the oddness of this journey a bit: she's in charge of organizing activities for the husbands/boyfriends/"it's complicated"-s of her sorority sisters while they have Very Important Meetings. If there weren't any guys in attendance, she wouldn't be going; and if she wasn't, I wouldn't, but since we are, I get to be in on the fun (and, in fact, did much of the research for said "fun"). Since she's going, though, and it's a well-known fact that I happily accompany her hither and yon, her chapter, composed in large part of wily retirees, volunteered me to drive. So Thursday, think of me, as I will be piloting Christina and myself, along with a quartet of chatty grandmotherly types the several hours out to the petrobayous of far east Texas in a very large van.

That sojourn will not end summer, though, not by a longshot. We've plans to see and hear WC Clark at Central Market, renovate our backyard deck, and host a leg of my mother-in-law's family reunion. There'll also be more movies (and more visits to our beloved Alamo Drafthouse), music (the freer the better), a Very Important Test, some time in a noisy tube, and some more birthdays. Not quite enough to make Christina long for the lazy days of the school year, but an active season. I'll keep y'all posted.

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