Ten Years On

The long-awaited day is nigh. The lovable but aloof Class of '96 is finally drawing together to reunite. Not that we were ever terribly unified in the first place. What has a decade changed? it's easier for us to know in advance than it was for our parents. This here series of tubes was just getting popular when we graduated. Many of us have kept tabs on each other, and the advent of social sites has allowed close friends to remain so with much greater ease than ever before. One wonders if the Clas of '06 will even bother with a reunion, since they'll all already know where each one ended up, what they look like, and what they're doing. Even my best friends from high school are a bit distant now. I fear I was never an especially good friend myself. I can count on one hand the number of them whose homes I vistied, or whose parties I attended. I hope to reconnect some old severed, forgotten, or weakened bonds, and perhaps give being a friend another chance.

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